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Atic Clean-up Services

Attic restoration service involves the comprehensive cleaning, repair, and renovation of an attic space, typically addressing issues such as insulation, pest infestations, water damage, and overall structural integrity to restore functionality and enhance energy efficiency.

Prepping Your Job

Clean-up Inspection

During an attic restoration inspection, various aspects of the attic space are assessed to identify issues and determine the necessary restoration steps.

Inulsation Removal/ sanitizing

Attic Clean-up

Removal of debris and contaminants, addressing insulation and ventilation, repairing structural damage, treating for pests, and mold remediation if needed.

New Insulation/ site Clean-up

Up to Code Insulation

Installing or upgrading insulation and ensuring proper ventilation for a complete restoration of the attic space. Cleaning up job site back to normal.

Attic Decontmaination- Livingston County

Attic Sanitizing & Restoration

Pest Decontamination: If there has been a pest infestation in the attic, such as rodents or insects, the decontamination process involves removing nesting materials, feces, and any other debris left behind by the pests. This step is crucial to eliminate the health risks associated with pest droppings and odors.

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Attic restoration and decontamination services encompass a comprehensive set of procedures aimed at revitalizing and ensuring the cleanliness of an attic space. This type of service is typically employed in situations where the attic has experienced damage, contamination, or infestations, leading to compromised structural integrity or health hazards.

Removal of Contaminants

Extraction and disposal of debris, damaged insulation, pest remnants, and other contaminants that may be present in the attic.

Air Quality Improvement

Installation of air filtration systems or air purifiers to enhance the overall air quality in the attic.

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